Meera Badve

By Sachin Jadhav

Mrs. Meera Badve started Niwant Andh Mukta Vikasalaya in 1996. Mrs. Badve had nothing else other than her own house, talent and a strong will to devote her life for the cause of upliftment of the visually challenged students-telling them that education was their birthright. She rendered her honorary services to the students in the Blind school in Pune; it struck her that her place and focus actually ought to have been for those who were asked to leave the school after the age of 18- when they were practically on the street.

Niwant Andh Mukta Vikasalay is dedicated to the multi faceted development of the visually challenged. All the services are honorary and selfless with 100% pass result in last fifteen years.

The focus of Niwant is on the development of the MIND, BODY & SOUL of those visually challenged students who want to pursue higher studies after passing
grade 10th.

For the past 16 years Mrs. Meera Badve (Founder - Director) has been teaching Psychology, Economics, Politics, Sociology, History, English, Philosophy, Statistics, Secretarial practice, Organization of commerce, MCVC course-bakery confectionary, Costing, Library Science for M.Lib. and M. Phil., Dancing - theory, D.Ed. & B.Ed. for visually challenged, Computer Training, Training for MS CIT, everything in the short span of 24x7x365 ! With more than 1000 students
associated, 15 Braille libraries, a software firm (TechVision), a chocolate making unit (Choco Niwant), tons of other activities and the support of many well-wishers, Niwant Andh Mukta Vikasalaya aims to make the world more beautiful a place to live in! The chocolate making unit (Choco Niwant) is self sufficient and even donates one percent of their annual earnings to people who are more underprivileged than them.

A beautiful description of this journey is given by Mrs. Meera Badve in her book- Team Niwant.

Uttam Margaj from Niwant says," I am lucky that I am a Blind. Otherwise I could not become a graduate and would have been sitting idle somewhere in my village." Uttam has been recently selected as clerk in Bank of India.