Ms Shravani Pawar

By Sunil S Patil
Shravani , Owner of Safe Hands 24X7, started her entrepreneurial journey in the year 2009 at the age of 23.
Just in the span of five years she have employed nearly 400 people and providing service to 48 clients in karnataka,

She believe the key need is empowerment; both economically and socially, she wanted to give woman, the Opportunity to realize her potential and capabilities, the chance of Employment which could give a
feeling of belongingness and Independence provide an education and livelihood for their children, wanted to create an independent, and sustainable enterprise which employs women in order to give them
financial, and social independence. And to be given a position of strength. Especially in rural parts and
urban slums, where the society continues to be male dominated. Looked for unthreatening areas or situations that female security guards would give the client a bigger feeling of comfort. Realized that there were tons of situations where a client might prefer female security guards and that there was a real demand for them.

Also, being women in a very male-centric society,especially within the profession of security services itself, was more challenging. Now we are able to give a chance to leave their current conditions, and provide them, and their families with a decent living

After completing Bachelors in Social Work in 2007, Shravani worked in a government project for 6 months but she was confused to make a decision for her future life. Having many options like higher studies, marriage, and work or to start her own venture, she struggled to take one strong decision. At the same time, she came across a news publication regarding the Deshpande Fellowship Program for Social Entrepreneurship and got interested and she decided to join the fellowship program and there by her
confusions came to an end with the new journey.

She got an opportunity to participate in TiE Hubli's business plan competition in the year 2008 and business idea of women security guards and housekeeping services won the first prize , Student entrepreneur.
She has been Awarded by TiE Stree Shakti, Mumbai , as Women entrepreneur 2011

Shravani is also one of the Directors for Safe Hands Multipurpose Cooperative Society

She was one of the TEDx speakers in pune on "Social and Economic empowerment of Indian woman"

She awarded as "Amazing Indian" in Times now TV show.